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Homeschooling Basics + Secular Curriculum Recommendations

I'm going to start by prefacing that this post has NOTHING to do with photography. 😂 I just know a lot of parents thinking about homeschooling right now and wanted to share some info and insight to help them out! If this doesn't interest you, keep scrolling for pictures!



There are 5 different ways you can register to homeschool in Iowa. The first link below goes over each and how they all work. We use option 5 and register through Iowa City Home School Assistance Program. Once you figure out how you're going to register, the next step would be figuring out how you're going to homeschool.

There are several different methods of homeschooling. Before you start looking for curriculum it'd be a good idea to read up on each method and figure out what your family most aligns with. We are part of the eclectic group (as are a majority I'd say) so don't feel like you have to follow any of these models completely at all. Freedom is one of the main benefits to homeschooling!

I will say that many professionals suggest a period of deschooling before jumping into a rigid homeschool routine. Do not feel like you need to rush into this! Ease into whatever you choose so that you and your kiddos don't burn out.

ROUNDED CURRICULUMS When you're ready to start picking out curriculum, check out some of the options below! All of these sites are secular (non-religious) or have secular options. If you're searching on your own you could use your method to narrow it down such as "Secular Charlotte Mason Curriculum". The curriculum options below cover a variety of subjects, but some do not cover all and you may to supplement for the missing subjects. Oak Meadow




If you choose to do an online program, make sure you make time to do hands-on activities as well! (handwriting, art, science experiments, field trips, etc.)

SUBJECT SPECIFIC CURRICULUM LANGUAGE ARTS Learning without Tears Explode The Code MATH Beast Academy Math U See SCIENCE Real Science Odyssey Mystery Science HISTORY History Quest Curiosity Chronicles A History of US ASSORTED SUBJECTS: Funschooling Workbooks MISC. RESOURCES Nasa Kids Club Nat Geo Kids Nat Geo Learning Artsology I wanted to make sure not to forget to talk up Teachers Pay Teachers! It is a great website and supports other teachers around the world. On this site you can find worksheets, unit studies, printable flashcards, and more! If you go to this link you will only be shown free items. You can also sort by age range. Teachers Pay Teachers Also, when schools first closed due to the pandemic a lot of new free resources emerged including a list of virtual field trips. Since a lot of us will still be social distancing this Fall I wanted to link to those again. Virtual Field Trips Live Animal Cams That's it?! Definitely not. 😂 There are countless curriculum options and I know I'm missing many of them, but these are ones I've personally tried and or looked into! If you're a homeschool parent and have something to add please do so in the comments!

Also please note when planning your year that home school students usually only study for 1.5 - 3 hours a day. Homeschooling is NOT an 8 hour a day commitment. You CAN do this! If anyone has any questions or would like more personalized recommendations, let me know!

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