Chicago in April | Travel Diaries

Hey all! So, starting with 2018 I want to blog all my travel adventures as sort of a diary for myself. Feel free to follow along on my journey! Traveling is such an important part of life to me. I believe that it helps us unplug and focus on what is right in front of us. I just love exploring new locations and sharing the experiences with my kids. Quite frankly, I want to show them the world. <3 This trip however was actually for work, but when you're a photographer sometimes work / play go hand and hand. One of the many many reasons I love my job. Veronica and I headed to Chicago last week to photograph an amazing couple, Naina and Baljit. We left early enough to do some sight seeing. Though I have been to Chicago many times I haven't been as an adult with out my children. So, it was a nice little mommy break. We walked around Millenium Park, listened to some street artists, and stopper for lunch at an underground bar all before an amazing shoot. It was a great day! Nothing like a big city to make you feel alive. - Photos -

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