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Copper Harbor, Michigan | Travel Diaries

My stepdad spent most of his Summers while growing up in Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor. Our parents took us once when we were younger, but my brothers were too little to remember and I wanted to take my kiddos as well. We made time last month between weddings and sessions for a week long trip. One major perk to homeschooling - vacas can happen almost any time AND the campgrounds are quiet! Copper Harbor is at the very tip top of the Michigan UP and about a 9 hour drive. With the kids we decided to make frequent stops along the way so they didn't get too sick of the car. On the way up to MI we checked out the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison. I didn't expect much for a free zoo, but it was awesome! My favorite exhibit was definitely the polar bear, but the red pandas were equally adorable. After that we stopped by Bond Falls and it was amazing! I loved that you could get in the water at the bottom. Such a beautiful spot to visit. Once to Copper Harbor we camped at the Fort Wilkins Historic State Park, which preserves a military outpost from 1844. Lilah and I liked to go through all the old buildings (schoolhouse, infirmary, etc.) In town we explored all the beaches! Pebble beaches are beautiful, but shoes are a must. Haha. The one thing I will say is if we go back we will go mid July when Lake Superior is a teensy bit warmer. ;) Other places to visit include Eagle Harbor Lighthouse, Estivant Pines, Lake Fanny Hoe, Brockway Mountain, and all the old shops! On the way home we stopped at the Hodag and Devil's Lake State Park. Devils Lake has a swimming beach and a few trails to hike. Though too steep for kids, the views up the cliff are amazing!

- Destinations + Stops -

Henry Vilas Free Zoo | Madison, WI Council Grounds State Park | Merrill, WI

Bonds Falls | Paulding, MI

Fort Wilkinson | Copper Harbor, MI Great Sand Bay | Eagle River, MI Eagle Harbor Lighthouse | Eagle Harbor, MI Brockway Mountain | Copper Harbor, MI Estivant Pines | Copper Harbor, MI The Hodag | Devils Lake State Park | Baraboo, WI Ice Age National Scenic Trail | Baraboo, WI - Travel Tips -

- Air mattress' are cheaper, fit more people, and are more comfortable than camping pads!

- With long road trips I feel like it's important to make the drive part of the journey. Find things to stop at along the way... even if it's just a park to have a picnic at! My kids do okay for about 2-3 hours in the car but then they need out. to stretch their legs. Give yourself time to make those stops! - Glass Snapple bottles filled with pebbles / sand / water make a great cheap souvenir! - Camera Photos -

Henry Vilas Zoo, Travel Photography
Bond Falls Michigan, Travel Photography
Fort Wilkins, Michigan, Travel Photography
Fort Wilkins, Michigan, Travel Photography, Copper Harbor
Michigan, Travel Photography, Copper Harbor
Michigan, Travel Photography, Copper Harbor, Brockway Mountain, Eagle Harbor Lighthouse
Michigan, Travel Photography, Copper Harbor, Lake Superior
Michigan, Travel Photography, Copper Harbor
Michigan, Travel Photography, Copper Harbor

- VSCO Phone Photos -

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