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Welcome Baby Theo!

Ashley had been messaging me Friday morning complaining of back pain. She wasn't feeling many contractions so we thought it might be a pinched nerve. When she couldn't take it anymore she decided to drive herself to the hospital. Soon after she checked in she found out she was 8cm dilated and in labor! When I got the call I figured we had maybe a couple hours and rushed to the hospital. She was taking her contractions like a champ! We waited. And waited. And waited some more. Eventually I had to leave to go back home to my little ones. After 11 hours at the hospital with no sign of Theo, the doctor decided it was best to deliver via c-section. Theo was born at 11:54 am. 6 pounds 14 ounces of cuteness! I'm so proud of Ashley and am so excited for our little ones to grow together. Congratulations to the whole family. We love you guys!

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